Sunday, February 1, 2009

HD Video

Vincent Laforet's work.



Casey said...

Wow. Awesome... I can't even think of one of my typical retrogressive objections to this work.

fenhopper said...

when i saw this i was reminded of the objections to cds that i heard so often back in the mid 90s. they're not as warm as analog! digital sounds mechanical! i like the scratchiness of vinyl!

all ridiculous. digital sounded better to me. higher treble. lower bass. clearer sound.

of course nobody would ever argue for lower resolution images. but what about film vs digital? is HD digital only so cool because we're comparing it to lo-res tv?

something about the saturation and contrast in these videos looks much better to me than anything i've seen on a theatre screen.


Casey said...

Oh yeah -- I'm totally sold on HD. If I had to object, it would be in the way that these images are effectively "pictures" brought to life... I suppose a retrogressive type could suggest that it's a corruption of the art of photography.

That's dumb, of course -- and the truth is, I think someone should invent cameras that snap one-second video/images, and someone else should figure out a way to make albums full of those. I just love this.

The key is that Laforet understands how not to overuse the genre... that one image of light gradually illuminating a stairwell, for example -- totally rad.