Tuesday, April 14, 2009

This Is Your Religion on Drugs

OK. This one's for Ed. How quickly can the Answers in Genesis people make no sense? It only takes them 15 seconds to lose me here.

Seriously. Someone explain to me what they're trying to say and do here. How do I use this argument to learn anything about creationism or G-d or religion or guns or… anything?


The Ridger, FCD said...

I thought everybody mattered to God.

I have NO idea what they think they're saying.

Eric said...


If you Teach Evolution in schools then students will assume they don't matter to God. After internalizing this, students will go out and perpetrate School Shootings. Ergo, Teaching Evolution causes School Shootings.


The Ridger, FCD said...

Yes, but "you don't matter to anyone" doesn't really convey that. "If you don't matter to God, then no one matters" would.

Casey said...

Anybody who can't see the connection between G-d and guns and all-around Tarantino-style violence needs to read more Flannery O'Connor.

eplough said...

I find your blog entry intriguing and would very much enjoy further discussion regarding this matter!

Justin said...

Another example of what happens when someone mixes mediphors and metacations.

Viewing this as narrator-viewer-actor as the parties of the scene, there can be a scary interpretation of who's side is the kid supposed to be on exactly. Assuming the narrator and actor are collaborating (as they were), then it implies that they are collectively sticking a gun in my face in case I don't matter to God. Which is scary and I'm hoping they don't mean that.

Either way, next time I hear a narrative voice cut in talking about what matters to God, I'm finding cover and releasing the safety. (Especially if a film crew is involved.)