Tuesday, June 2, 2009


To close a window you either click a button with the mouse, or you hit command/control-W on the keyboard. You don't hit the delete key unless you want to go back a page, or you're deleting a file you've already saved on your computer.


Daniel said...

But how dramatic is an intense click of the mouse on the "X" in the corner, only to be followed by three more?

Casey said...

I always find this a difficult issue -- whether and to what degree I, as a viewer of porn, am responsible for the women pictured. What if my pleasure is relatively low-key?--along the lines of a pin-up style?

Wait, I'm taking this too seriously.

Mark said...

I think the more dramatic thing to do would have been to pull his monitor off the desk and hurl it through the window screaming "Not today, Satan! Not today!"