Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Experimental Philosophy

This is actually an interesting question. I don't really care about the ethical difference between the scenarios. But what about that simple and undeniable distinction: why people see the intentionality differently.

Take a look at the YouTube comments to see a lot of people not knowing what they're disagreeing on. It's one thing to say this is why they're different and a whole nother to say this is why people think they're different.

via OUP Blog


Casey said...

I like this. Very clear. I checked the "No" box both times, but, because I just finished my magnum opus on economics for you, I couldn't keep myself from wondering how many jobs would be lost if he failed to adopt the policy.

Casey said...

Also: is nother in the OED yet?

fenhopper said...

it's in there casey.

"Now chiefly U.S. colloq. ... Different. Usu. with indefinite article. Now chiefly in a whole nother (U.S. colloq.)."