Friday, December 19, 2008

He Pulls a Knife; You Pull a Tape Recorder

When the announcement was made that Rod Blagojevich had been taken into custody, one of the repeated points was that the arrest was made before he had a chance to appoint Barack Obama's senate replacement. Whew. Good thing they stopped him right?

Maybe not. Maybe the FBI has once again crashed a warehouse trying to catch the guys red-handed only to find crates full of umbrellas. You should never underestimate these Chicago goons.

Patrick Fitzgerald hasn't revealed every fingerprint and recording, so who knows how strong the case is. The recordings that we know about make him look awful, and there's no way Blagojevich will convince the voters that he's a decent person. So then is wanting a bribe a crime? Saying you want one? To your staff? Surely the case is built on more.

Well whether or not these criminal charges stick, Blogojevich is damaged goods. And his appointment would have been as well. It would have been a bigger mess to take down two crooks, but at least they'd both be trapped in the bank vault when Ness and his boys showed up.

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