Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Vicious Circle

Here's an interesting effect.

Something I watch for in my site statistics is an incoming link to a specific post rather than a link to the blog homepage because the former is usually a reaction to something I said that caught someone's attention. Those links tend to bring in more hits and get more discussion going.

I noticed a few hits coming in from one of the blogs on the sidebar to a specific post, so I headed over to see what commentary I might find. Nothing. The post was on a completely unrelated topic.

What happened?

The blogroll on my sidebar uses a feed that lists the most recent post from each of the websites. I kinda like this feature because it gives a little more information on each of the links -- perhaps enticing readers who would normally ignore the blog title.

One of the blog posts listed on the blogroll noted this incoming link and marked my post with Blogger's "LINKS TO THIS POST" feature. It's some link inbreedin' we got goin'.

So my question is, will my post notice this incoming link and list it as an incoming post as well?

1 comment:

The Ridger, FCD said...

Aha! While I read you daily anyway, I did come over from headsup today because of that link. Imagine my surprise to find out you'd linked to a totally unrelated post...