Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Maybe If He Had Won Miss Congeniality...

Maverick. Free thinker. Sheriff. Straight talker.

All of John McCain's bragging points are liabilities. The Maverick label now means reckless -- after his VP choice, his suspension of the campaign, his snubbing of Letterman...

The Free thinker won't listen. Even to reason. He isn't gonna get bullied into committing to such risky ideas as an aggressive approach to terrorism in Pakistan. He wouldn't dare commit to a meeting with a rogue state like Spain. Those are Your ideas and not His. He's free. Why do you want to chain him down? Please let him run free!

The Sheriff -- well he's more like Deputy Fife. Maybe all those years of being hated in Washington just aren't going to serve him as well as he'd like us to think. A good sheriff may not be your buddy but he is respected and he has at least some influence.

The Straight talker -- Like anyone believes that anymore.

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