Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome back.

Lately I've had several conversations about politics with friends and family who agree with me. And I've had a few conversations with people who don't. I can't say that either group (agree or disagree) is generally better for my blood pressure. I can get pretty tightly wound even when all I see are nods and all I hear is agreement. Especially when we're all agreeing that there are too many people out there who don't have common sense.

When I disagree with someone on an issue I'm pretty good at establishing a covenant: I don't know all your reasons for your views and so I will not assume they are bad reasons. It's very easy to stick with this agreement when I see that I'm afforded the same respect.

But if you aren't sickened by John McCain's duplicity and the lack of respect that he has shown the voters and Barack Obama, you're an idiot.

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Casey said...

Man, it must feel good to just say it.

I just hope somebody some day gives you academic credit for your other blog, what with all that objectivity and such.