Friday, September 26, 2008

Why does the GOP keep hitting itself in the face?

Nancy Pelosi: “It’s not me blowing this up, it’s the Republicans.”

Hank Paulson: “I know. I know.”

I don't know what to think when I hear someone complain that those damn Democrats shouldn't blame the Republicans. Of course the Republicans are to blame. Just as everyone was about to shiver and light a cigarette John Boehner trumpeted the pullout.

Should the democrats hold out for leverage against the Republicans with this vote? They'll be OK until that tactic becomes obvious. So they need to redirect. They could go ahead and use their majority to get it done. But no. Give an ear to the opposition's incessant bleating. Hear them out. Make it look like you're only holding off because a few in the GOP are screaming to be heard. And since the Democrats don't have to listen to them it's only out of kindness and faith in the power of free exchange and constructive debate that the vote is postponed.

The majority party listened to the administration's proposal and made a reasonable counteroffer; entertaining more discussion is an act of respect. And sure, it's letting the GOP get away with a stalling tactic. Which tactic will accomplish nothing. The Republicans don't want to look like Republicans anymore. They want to prove that they have a backbone and they aren't Bush's bitch. But there are two parties in this country. One is Bush's. One is not. Guess which way that goes.

The Republicans want to say they aren't playing any partisan political games. It's about the economy. Well the democrats are willing to play nice with Bush and his plan. The Republicans don't want to contribute even minor recommendations and adjustments to the plan because they hate their administration and they hate the Democrats. psst: hating everyone isn't how you avoid partisan bickering.

They're screwed. They've lost their claws and they're flailing around looking for a grip.

Well they might accomplish one thing. John McCain would like the debate to be pushed back to next week and this is the best way to do that. But it looks like hiding. McCain looks like that student who begs for an extension on every paper and wants every test pushed till after the weekend.

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Daniel said...

So what do you think about Bob Barr and the Libertarians?