Sunday, September 28, 2008

Miss Alaska Stumbles in the Interview Round

She read her speech well. And she had the hand-wave down pat. But her recent and recurring gaps and disfluencies are starting to make people cringe. And if she makes sense it's only long enough to show that she's got nothing to say.

Sarah Palin's tarnish is turning to rust. Her campaign has holed her up in the garage hoping to paint over the oxidation before the big show. But rust will out. And I hope Thursday's debate format gives Joe Biden the chance to rattle her frame and point out the red flakes sloughing off. Palin can't hope to hold up when Biden runs at her.

I wonder:

Will she have those examples of McCain's leadership on regulation ready for Katie Couric?

Will she be able to answer just exactly how her proximity to Russia has done anything for her insight?

Is she going to stick with her argument that drastic earmark reform simply means transparency? (Something that every candidate supports, by the way.)

Will she argue that waving the cost of a rape examination kit would be Communist?

Does she oppose equal rights and benefits for same-sex marriage because gays are witches? Or is it because they're devil-possessed?

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