Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jon Stewart: Part of the Problem?

Now lest some recent conversations lead you to think that I don't greatly appreciate Jon Stewart let me make it clear. I like him a lot.

Monday night's episode of The Daily Show had a point to make. And perhaps he says it better than I did in my last post: it's not about the people. It's about the theme.

As you can see from tonight, we're all a little chafed here about this whole "some parts of the country are real and American and other parts are not. And uh this weekend I was performing at Northeastern and I kinda had just read the statements that Sarah Palin had made about you know the pro-America parts of the country and I think I might have said in response to that I think I mighta said uh…fuck you.

And…uh…you know that's just my way of saying I think that's a profanity to say, and I was answering with a profanity. But it's not really fair and it makes it seem like…uh…I'm just addressing Governor Palin about this and I'm not. It's really this whole entire theme that there's more-American areas, or some people love the country, some people don't. So I guess what I meant to say was Fuck all yall.

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