Monday, October 6, 2008

Resurrecting the Red Scare's Corpse

Via Jesus' General:

It'd be funny if this was an exaggeration. But among the accusations being flung at Obama:

As a young man in Hawaii, Obama had a quasi-filial relationship with radical Frank Marshall Davis – an avowed member of the Communist Party of the USA.

And worst of all, Obama has confirmed that he has encountered Marxist literature.

The belief that this information is somehow damning, oozes as the seepage of Carol Platt Liebau's simple mind.

What does her invocation of Frank Marshall Davis prove? That Platt Liebau's literary heroes are probably Abigail and the Putnams.

What does Obama's encounter with Marxist literature prove? That he did the assigned reading in college? That he might have brushed up against other works by evil socialists like George Orwell?

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Casey said...

I make my freshmen read The Communist Manifesto almost every semester -- because what kind of derelict doesn't EVER encounter Marxist literature?

Yes, I have them read some Adam Smith too, but -- gag me with a spoon.