Saturday, October 11, 2008


James Nachtwey won TED last year and used the opportunity to help this cause. Visit XDRTB.ORG for more information.

The site provides a simple form for sending a letter to all the major presidential candidates.


Casey said...

I didn't know about the mutation of tuberculosis -- I think I heard something a few years ago about a pandemic in Russia, but I figured it was just a result of scarce resources... does Nachtwey have a solution? Isn't a drug-resistant disease incurable by definition?

Anyway, thanks for posting -- that's absolutely a worthwhile cause.

fenhopper said...

Did you watch his TED presentation? His main point is that journalism, photojournalism specifically, is about presenting a topic in a novel way. and changing understanding.

so one of his points with this cause is simply to increase awareness and prioritization to deal precisely with the issue that you mention: that drug-resistant means incurable. prevention is then key. and it's very very difficult to get people to care about prevention because it's hard to motivate avoidance. we humans like to get all excited abount change. not so much around preparation.