Monday, October 13, 2008

A Palin Comparison

At a fundraiser Palin naively suggested that putting Piper in Flyers jersey would stop the booing. She doesn't know Philadelphia fans too well. You cannot expect them to behave.

The Jed Report has done a little juxtaposing to make a point about F*X News that we already know. But is the disparity clear? They make three observations:

  1. Completely edited out Palin's introduction, when fans booed her most loudly (the booing let up a bit as her daughters took the ice).
  2. Edited out a 27 second stretch during which which loud boos and some applause could be heard, presumably to allow the video to jump straight to the applause after Palin dropped the puck.
  3. In the video FOX did show, they used very poor audio quality, making it hard to discern the boos.

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